Lash Aftercare

Following aftercare instructions is extremely important to maintaining and extending the life of your lash extensions.

The "golden rule" for wearing eyelash extensions is to keep them clean by gently washing them, and the less you touch them the longer they will last.


Some clients love their lashes so much that they don't want to get them wet at all. However, avoiding cleaning the eye area can result in an eye infection whether wearing extensions or not.

Keep your lashes clean by gently washing them. Dilute a gentle shampoo with lukewarm water and splash your eyes, gently using your finger to massage your lash line, being careful to not pull or tug your lashes.


Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours to allow the glue to fully cure. After 24 hours, although the adhesive has fully set, persistent exposure to water, steam, heat and friction from rubbing and cleansing may impact the durability of the adhesive bond, so be thoughtful of your new lashes. These activities include swimming, hot yoga, heavy workouts, saunas & steam rooms. It is not advised to wear excessive makeup with lash extensions, the makeup itself as well as the more thorough cleansing needed, will cause the adhesive to break down much more quickly.

Only use recommended products on your extensions. If needed, use water-soluble mascara on the ends (not base) of your lashes. Never use waterproof mascaras, cosmetics or removers on lash extensions. Keep products such as creams, oils & vaseline away from your eyelashes because they will weaken the bonds in the lash glue, causing your lashes to come off prematurely.

Do not use lash curlers, these are unnecessary as the lash extensions have a natural curl and try not to sleep on your face.

Understand that there are many variables including natural growth cycle, use of cosmetics and overall maintenance that will influence how long lashes will last.